Audio/Video Conversion & Restoration

Don’t let priceless memories collect dust! While VCRs were very accessible a decade ago, they are becoming harder to find, break easy, and the tapes deteriorate over time. We transfer your favorite home movies to a digital that is easy to share online.

Modulation Studios uses professional-grade cassette players, VCRs, and other vintage devices that were not available to the average consumer in their hey-day. This is converted to a digital signal on a professional editing suite on a computer and edited with slight restoration when available.

Example of a transfer from a VHS tape in terrible condition cleaned up:


Currently, we offer the following:


VHS to Blu-Ray

Cassette to CD

Cassette to MP3

Vinyl to MP3

Vinyl to CD

Mini-DV to DVD

Mini-DV to Blu-Ray

All services include a digital file. We use HD when available, but some older formats have certain aspect ratio limitations.

Notice: copyrighted material is prohibited. If you are unsure if the material you want to transfer is copyrighted, please contact us.

For audio restoration, we use a series of various computer plug-ins for boosting sound quality. Co-Founder Adam is a trained sound engineer and music producer with years of experience dealing with this type of work.


Gear List:

Panasonic AG-1970 VCR

Nakamichi NR-2 Cassette Player

Technic 1200mkIIID Turntable

Pioneer CLD-V2800 Laserdisc Player

Logic Pro X

Final Cut Pro