Who We Are

Modulation Studios’ goal is to ensure our quality-production standards meet your goals of audio and visual masterpieces. Since 2009, our team has created commercials for local businesses, full service social media management, content creation/digital marketing, mixed music selections for cheerleading teams, filmed boat docking competitions, created the soundtrack for a ballet and produced a full-length Horror/Comedy movie. Although we are diverse, we have one focus: to make your creative vision come to life based on your goals.

Adam’s experience with video production goes back to the dark days of tape recording and computers with no more than 1GB of RAM while in high school. Short films and comedy bits helped him gain experience filming and directing. Later, he was asked to produce segments for many local businesses based on his creative abilities. As a sound engineer at Seacrets: Jamaica USA in Ocean City, Maryland he gained experience in live band and event recording. Recently, he has shot commercials, written scripts, and consulted creative teams while working as a full-time DJ.


During the years, Adam has made numerous connections in the production world on Delmarva who he includes on some productions. The team at Modulation Studios is experienced in video production, audio services, website creation, podcasting, writing, and more.

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